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Thomas is coming home

OK, now it is official, I am coming home…
In about 38 hours I’ll be arriving Germany at the Nürnberg-Airport!

LOL, it just came to my mind, that I haven’t even written any blog in English yet, so this is the premiere. I hope you all are able to translate this into your mothertounge, otherwise just post a comment and ask me 😉

Not long to go and I will be getting on a plane from Air France to visit Germany for a short trip. My beloved cousin Conny and her fiancé Jan are having their wedding the upcoming weekend and because this is a major event where the whole family will come together my parents sponsored a short-vacation-flight for me. Thank you both very much for that!

Like I said, my arrival is on Thursday around 2.20pm in Nürnberg, or Nuremberg like the Amerikans say. I’ll be staying through Tuesday, when my plane leaves Germany in the mornging again.  So I will spend five days back home. Whoever wants to see me, I’ll have my mobile phone switched on but consider that I will not be available Saturday and Sunday, while we celebrate the wedding in Oberfranken!

Of course I am very much looking forward to see the whole family and hopefully some of my friends!

Whatelse? Work is nearly back to normal, everyone is back from the show in Chicago and the clients are starting again to knock on the door for demonstrations.

Last weekend I nearly got a sunburn while chilling by the pool together with Dominique, but I dont want to make you jealous, but like I heard, the weather wasn’t bad either in Germany the last days!

OK, enough for the moment.
I’ll do some workout now to be in shape, when I meet you!

Bye bye!